Ash, my Norwegian Forest Cat


Ash is almost 10 years old, we adopted him in 1996 when he was one from a friend who could no longer care for him.


He is neutered and de-clawed, but I did not have him de-clawed. I never really agreed with that process, but his original owner had that done. It's funny though, because he uses his paws as little hands when you give him a treat. His name used to be Werley(sp?), but when we brought him home for the first time, his favorite hiding place was in the fireplace (luckily for him it was summertime!)

Ash likes to squeeze into things that he obviously cannot fit into. Above is a picture of him trying to sit in a New Year's Eve party hat!

...Stalking his prey....


King of the Backyard

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For those of you who may not be lucky enough to be familiar with the Norwegian Forest Cat, I encourage you to visit The Norsk Skogkatt Society for probably what is the best site related to this whimsical breed.

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